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 Feel yourself at home

in Villa Korkatti!

Villa Korkatti is located on a peaceful and quaint place eight kilometers north of Haapavesi. We are a Bed & Breakfast place with five different rooms for customers. All the rooms have been renovated in 2015-2017. Rooms are for 1-4 people and one room has a King size bed.


Room prices:

Room for 1 person                 60 € / night
Room for 2 people                80 € / night
Room for 3                             110 € / night
Room for 4                             130 € / night


Prices include breakfast, bed linen, towels, free WiFi and the use of the sauna. You can also use a kitchen with all the equipment you need, for example fridgerator, coffeemaker, dishes etc.

Ask also for extra bed and bed for babies. Pets are welcome also! You can also use our electric timers for heating up your car on the winter time. 

About us

Villa Korkatti is the place to be if you want to explore Finnish nature. The mount Korkatti (elevation 186,6 metres) and the Nature Trail of Korkatti are only 3 km away from the Villa, here you can really see the Finnish nature at its best. The skiing center of Korkatti and a country skiing track are also found only a few hundred metres away from the Villa.

Villa Korkatti offers also other services like catering, private events, office parties, weddings.


The picturesque and beautiful garden of Villa Korkatti provides you many possibilities. For example we have a traditional Finnish sauna with palju (a Finnish idea of a hot tub), a tepee for barbecuing and a traditional Finnish swing. Ask also for other tourist activities like fatbike rental, archery and throwing axes!


Price examples 

Fatbike rental: 

3 hours 20 € 

6 hours 30 € 

1 day 50 € 

2 bikes for 1 day 80 € 


The traditional Finnish sauna: 

Only the sauna 80 € / night 

Sauna and palju 200 € / night 


Other activities like archery and throwing axes: 

18 € / person / hour




Villa Korkatti 

Pulkkilantie 810 

86600 Haapavesi 



Päivi Viitasalo 

Phone number: +358 44 545 1600

Joni Humaloja 

Phone number: +358 44 266 2434


Driving instructions 

When you come from Haapavesi: 

From the Stop-sign drive 8 kilometers north towards Pulkkila, Villa Korkatti will be on the left hand side as you arrive to the village of Korkatti. 

When you come from the road E75: 

At Pulkkila, turn to Haapavesi and drive about 22 kilometers. Villa Korkatti will be on the right hand side, right after the sign “Lehonsaari.” 



The center of Haapavesi city 8km
Oulu airport 111km
Ylivieska train station 54km
Oulainen train station 43km
Kokkola city 134km
Kajaani city 122km
Nivala golf course 47km 


Find us also on

- Facebook, 

- Instagram, @villakorkatti 

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